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A Word For The Year

The Unveiling (2017)​​​ 

Rest, My Beloved, for my work is secure! This is the year you will possess all your heart has been longing for in me. I am moving you into greater depths and into deeper revelation of who I am for you this year. I alone am the progress that speeds you towards your destiny. I set your pace, and I have said yes to the swiftness of your speed. Run the race with endurance knowing I have gone before you and prepared the journey.

My Darling Bride, it is your heart's greatest desire to know me deeply! In this next hour, I have determined that my goodness will be displayed upon the earth in an extravagant manner. Rest assured! You will not miss this revelation of my heart. I am bringing you into depths unimaginable, not yet described by prophetic utterance nor revealed to the human eye but only known in the mind of Christ.

Rejoice My Darling, for you are counted worthy of such an endeavor to display my majesty in the earth. Your words I will anoint with power and my hand I will extend as the goodness of my heart towards you is proclaimed. Limbs, new lives, rebirths, healed hearts are what I have placed before you in this coming year. Speak, and you will see the goodness of God in the lives of all those around you. The tide has shifted, and my power is being revealed in greater understanding.

Do not fear the shaking that is coming upon the earth, for in my mercy I have allowed it. This shaking is set for the purpose of drawing my bride closer and revealing hearts.

Mountains will crumble at your feet as you speak forth my truth with unwavering boldness. The lioness is arising, and I am backing her with power unprecedented. This year, you will see all that your eyes have longed to see and much more.

There is tremendous shaking happening this year in the world's governing institutions. Do not fear, for I am your King. Seek shelter in me alone and know the depths of your protection under my wings. As a mother hen gathers her chicks, so I have gathered you.

I weep for those that reject my Kingship and look to the world. Do not embrace the ways of the world but welcome the Kingdom that the King has so graciously provided. Keep your eyes on the King and His Kingdom, and you will be at peace, for I have provided a place of safety for my beloved to dwell in this coming year.

Do not put your hope in the salvation of men for hearts will be revealed. Hope only in God! He is your strength, your fortress and your God in whom you trust. Rejoice in the shaking of cities and nations, for the shaking removes the shackles of religion and looses the nooses of complacent hearts.

Scripture References:

Habakkuk 2:14, 1 Corinthians 2:9, Acts 4:30, Luke 17:6, Psalm 91, Matthew6:33, Zechariah 9:12

Vision Statement

Igniting a passion for Jesus in the heart of His bride by spreading the gospel via preaching, teaching and meeting practical needs. Together, we can reach the lost, minister to the hurting and declare the extravagant love of God!