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God's Transformational and Extravagant Love Made Manifest

  1. I had the privilege of walking the first guests into the banquet room as their eyes lit up. They had not anticipated the beauty contained in that room. Time after time, I had the privilege of walking beautiful people into a room filled with the beauty and the presence of God. I joked with them, encouraged them, did whatever I could to honor them and make them feel welcome.
    Samantha @ The King's Table 2017
  2. Amanda, came as one single guest on a bus. She was hesitant to come inside, she gripped my hand tightly as we walked across the banquet hall. I took her to a table right up front and told her she was our guest of honor. As I pulled out the chair and she sat down, she pulled me down into the chair next to her. She quietly said, “I never had a wedding.” Tears began to flow down her cheeks. I leaned in and responded “Jesus called you here because he wants to marry you, he wants you to be His bride.” She wailed and we pulled each other closer, we held each other and cried together. I then lead her in a prayer to give her life to Jesus. -The King's Table 2017
  3. Thank you for giving me the chance to fellowship and reminding me of who God is. Amazing people please keep doing what you are doing, I wish there was a lot of people like you. The world would be a better place, God bless you! The King's Table 2017
  4. God spoke to me about staying focused on good things in my life tonight. I lost three sibilngs in the last month and have been feeling that I want to fall off track but tonight God is showing me He has better plans for my life. -The King's Table 2017
  5. Thank you all for having me here tonight. God shows up on time, and I have had a wonderful time tonight. I really enjoyed myself, you have a great church family, thank you again! -The King's Table 2017
  6. Thank you so much for the healing and spiritual experience. I was feeling so down, needing some love and this was medicine for me. Thank you for the amazing prayer and for bringing me to tears. The tears needed to come. -The King's Table 2017
  7. I saw faces transformed from hard and distant, to smiling with the warm glow that can only come from encountering the one who is love. One man told me that he could feel the presence of God and he told his friends that this was their chance to get right with God. I took communion with Ashley. These were not homeless people. They were people. Brothers and Sisters. They were loved and cherished by my Lord and I cherished them. I was transformed as much as they were as we encountered love. I will forever be grateful for the that. -The King's Table 2017
  8. We partnered with Christina Perera Ministries at a homeless banquet last Saturday!! We picked up random strangers off the street and brought them into a wedding banquet in honor of them! These people saw the love of Jesus in a new and incredible way! They kept asking me on the way back to the streets why we would do something like this especially in the hood! The love of Jesus is incredible and its time we are known for our love! -The King's Table 2017
  9. Adam and I prayed for a man, he had a bad back and knees. The love of Jesus came all over this man and healed him immediately! I felt his knee bones move under my hand and felt the vertebrate straighten under his hands! -The King's Table 2017
  10. One man we picked up was silent on the way in and really had nothing to say. I witnessed the prayer team pray and minster to him for over 30 mins! On the way home this guy was the happiest individual I have ever seen! Going out of our way above and beyond for people is our way of life! As Jesus lovers let us love well and re-present Him on this earth with His fiery love! -The King's Table 2017
  11. We prayed for a lot of people with physical issues and watched God restore hope, to know that they are loved by God and by man, you could see them receiving love! Cook-Outs For Christ 2017
  12. It was wonderful to see such a large turn out of the body of Christ, It was a revelation for me how we each carry a unique flavor and how we can reach people. It was beautiful, it was like a portrait bring painted by The Lord. We got to pray for many people who experienced healing, it was an awesome opportunity! -Cook-Outs For Christ 2017
  13. We got to minister to so many people, we knocked on motel doors and brought people food and invited anyone with in walking distance. I got the opportunity to minister to a man who had come for a meal, this particular man knows who Jesus is but said, "I'm not living a very good Christian life, I told him that God didn't expect us to be perfect and that he didn't need to wait to come to God till he was perfect. -Cook-Outs For Christ 2017
  14. The body of Christ came together it was so beautiful! -Cook-Outs For Christ 2017
  15. One guest in particular stood out to me was this sweet little woman named “Hannah” that lived in the motel with her daughter and grand children. Right when the music started she came slowly walking across the street and almost fell into the arms of myself and our friends who were missionaries to Thailand. As soon as she approached us she just started weeping and crying uncontrollably and I said, “awe sweetie, do you know how much Jesus loves you?” We all smiled and hugged and Holy Spirit swept over us and her feet almost buckled under her so we sat her down and fed her. She wept for the whole day as she felt the love of God. -Cook-Outs For Christ 2017
  16. Thank you for your purity and pure, unadulterated, unashamed preaching of the Word of God. Your preaching is with great authority and you shake the very foundation on which people believe! You stir people to holiness!
    James, The Dwelling Place Church

Vision Statement

Igniting a passion for Jesus in the heart of His bride by spreading the gospel via preaching, teaching and meeting practical needs. Together, we can reach the lost, minister to the hurting and declare the extravagant love of God!