We are a non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to spreading the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Welcome Volunteers

Together, We Can be the Hands and Feet of Jesus!
Thank You!
We are incredibly grateful that you are interested in volunteering for one or more of our events! Our ministry is called to help unite the Bride of Christ in a common goal to reach the lost, to minister to the hurting and to declare the extravagant love of God!

Our hearts our stirred to see so many and varied members of the body of Christ volunteer at our events! Thank you for your love and service to the kingdom of God! We are honored that you have chosen to work alongside of us!

Please view our current volunteer opportunities, volunteer information and training videos below!

All volunteer positions are posted on 'SignUp Genius' for each event. To view the available sign-ups, please click on the following event pictures. Note: all volunteers must be signed up and attend both Mission Meetings prior to an event in order to serve with us.


Helpful Tips to Keep You Safe and to Allow You to Have a Successful Volunteer Experience!
  1. Sign Up & Show Up
    We are incredibly excited to have you join us in our ministry mission! That said, if you sign up for a volunteer position, please make every effort to fulfill your obligation! We are counting on you but we do understand that extenuating circumstances may arise. If they do, please notify us as soon as possible!
  2. Attend Meetings
    It is vital that you attend both Mission Meetings (there are two) leading up to an event because that is where you will receive the information you will need to be successful in your volunteer position! If you are unable to attend a Missions Meeting, please notify us as soon as possible in order for your leader to get you the appropriate information.
  3. General Mission Meeting
    A general Missions Meeting will be held a few months before each event. During the meeting, you will receive information regarding the purpose of the event and any open volunteer positions. Mission Meeting dates and locations will be listed on our event schedule under the 'About' page of our website.
  4. Final Meeting
    The final Missions Meeting will be held 1-2 weeks before each event. There you will receive specific information on your position, meet your leaders and other team members! This is a very important meeting! Please make every effort to attend! Notify us immediately if you cannot!
  5. Volunteer Thank You Luncheon
    We want to thank you for your dedication of heart, time, energy and effort in our ministry by inviting you to a potluck luncheon honoring you (and all our volunteers) following each event! Date, time and location will be announced at the final Missions Meeting. It will also be posted online under the 'About' tab.
  6. Specified Clothing
    Each ministry event will require a specific attire for all volunteers that will be unique and appropriate to that event. At the final Missions Meeting prior to each event, you will receive information regarding how to dress.
  7. Leadership & Flexibility
    Leadership is put in place to organize the event, watch over your safety and equip you to be successful. We ask that you adhere to requests made by your event leaders and that you remain as flexible as possible. Sometimes we may need to make adjustments to positions during an event. We ask for and thank you in advance for your cooperation!
  8. Punctuality
    Each volunteer position has a unique arrival time. Note: they are not all the same! Please check yours! You will receive an email reminder through Signup Genius two days in advance of an event. We understand that problems can arise, so please contact your leader asap if you are running late so that we can make any necessary adjustments in staffing.
  1. Personal Belongings
    We recommend that you bring as few personal items as possible to an event as there may be limited space or a lack of security to store belongings safely at a facility. Therefore, we suggest that you leave any personal items at home or if left in your vehicle, locked and out of sight. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  2. Liability Release
    Every volunteer must sign the liability release form which is designed to protect you, the rest of our volunteer staff, our ministry and our partner churches from liability. Unpredictable situations may arise so we want to take every precaution possible.
  3. Respectful Behavior
    We encourage our volunteers to share and develop a connection with our guests but we need to remind ourselves to ask permission before touching a guest or even before sharing our testimonies with them. When permission is granted, appropriate places for touching include the shoulder, upper back or hand. Of course, if a guest extends a hug, please respond in kind, if you are comfortable in doing so.
  4. Pictures
    All event photos will be taken by professional staff. We ask that all volunteers refrain from taking personal pictures of our guests, out of respect for their privacy. Thank you!
  5. Personal Safety
    For your personal safety, please refrain from sharing your personal contact information with our guests.
  6. Meals
    Meals will be provided for our volunteers free of charge at our events. For those who will be serving during multiple meals, we will provide accordingly.
  7. Parking
    In order to avoid any issues, please be sure to park in designated parking spots. All volunteers will be notified at the final Mission Meeting where that will be. We are not responsible for improperly parked vehicles.
  8. Leaving The Event
    We hope that you have a great time serving as a volunteer! Please return your name badge at the end of the event so that we can reuse it. Also, there may be a special gift for you! Please don't forget to ask for it!
  9. Have Fun!
    More than anything else, we hope that you have a great experience as a volunteer! We also hope you receive a deep revelation of God's love for you! You are a valuable part of the team and are dearly loved!

Vision Statement

Igniting a passion for Jesus in the heart of His bride by spreading the gospel via preaching, teaching and meeting practical needs. Together, we can reach the lost, minister to the hurting and declare the extravagant love of God! 

Training Videos

  Offering Tips to Help You Have a Successful Volunteer Experience!
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  2. Food Services
  3. Love Evangelism